Market of Russia

huge and prospective

Area: 6 mln sq mi
Population: 143 mln
GDP (PPP): $2.2 trillion

Fresh Solutions

for entering the Russian market

We provide you with complete solutions
to gain profit from the Russian-speaking market.

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Gain Money

with your IT solution

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  • Development of marketing strategy
  • Distributed network
  • Local telephone numbers
  • Russian online store
  • Generation of Sales Leads


  • Business intelligence specialists
  • Coverage of all time zones
  • Task tracking system
  • Fast reaction
  • Quality control


  • Legal support
  • Language localization
  • Import/export localization
  • Protection against unauthorized use
  • Anti-piracy campaign

Welcome Message

You have brilliant software and you would like to sell it on the Russian-speaking market? We will help you to do it with minimal costs and with assurance of success. Our team has succeeded in different areas. We have a great expertise in auto business. Our Dealer Management Software TurboService is used by leading dealer auto centers in Russia. We are ready to share our resources to provide sales, support, perform localization into Russian language, as well as to provide additional services. Our R&D department can adapt your program to other systems with import-export data. We will train our call-center to support your software. Our representatives work in different regions of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, US, and Belgium. With the help of our resources, your software would be able to launch the market. Our company is an authorized reseller of foreign software, such as Audatex, Autodata, Eurotax, and ASA. Our IT department successfully supplies hardware, installs cable systems, and outsources IT services. So, we have enough resources, knowledge and experience to bring success to your software on the Russian-speaking market. For a long period of time we have been cooperating with TSM team, which cares about efficiency of Toyota Dealers in Russia. Due to this cooperation, we understood a rule: “Good sales depend on high-quality support.”

With our Company you will get a reliable partner for ages.

Sincerely yours,
General Director
Bastion Group
Pavel Menkov

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